CCTV Systems

Digital CCTV Systems

We can provide CCTV Systems for a variety of purposes, from small shop or office installations to large multi camera systems used at Train Stations to large Industrial Depots and Schools. We are able to offer multi-site systems to suit any of your security needs and are able to advise you of the planning and implementing of such a system.


Go Digital CCTV

These days more modern CCTV systems are digital they utilise hardware such as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) with IP based cameras and PC/monitors. These have many benefits over magnetic tape VCRs media libraries such as higher quality and definition and easily searchable and instant accessible recordings together with offering improved scalability and expandability. No longer do people need to change tapes as backups can be automatically scheduled. More data can be recorded due to advanced digital compression techniques and storage is now moving to more reliable network based hardware such as Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Networks (SAN) that can offer redundancy thus eliminating any single point of failure. One of the powerful benefits of digital CCTV systems is that the images can be viewed not only anywhere within an organization that has a local network connection, but also anywhere in the world, via the Internet. And images can be viewed simultaneously. IP addressable cameras can be placed anywhere on an existing IP network infrastructure thus reducing cost and eliminating the need for separate cabling systems.

    Some of the advantages of digital CCTV systems over older analogue types:
  • No need to throw away your current cameras
  • Ease of use, easy search facilities, and simultaneous recordings
  • No image degradation
  • Remote accessibility using IP networks
  • Unlimited storage
  • Flexible image distribution
  • Ability to send automatic alerts
  • No need to cycle video tapes, 24/7 recording
  • Easily expandable
  • Low maintenance
  • Universal coverage with courtroom quality

Have you considered the ease and cost effectiveness of a progressive step-by-step transition to digital?  Now is the right time to stop and take the step into a newer and more secure digital world of CCTV.

ICS work together with some of the biggest manufactures in CCTV products in the world, Dedicated Micros, Axis, Genie, Siemens, Poe to name a few. We buy all our equipment direct from the manufactures, in doing so we are able to offer unprecedented support on all our products.

    Our system can be integrated with a wide range of extra features to enhance performance:
  • SMS reporting can be used to inform you of alarms generated by the system.
  • A large number of cameras can be installed on each recorder, to provide complete coverage.
  • Watermarking is used for security of footage to allow the footage to be submitted as evidence to the police.
  • Video motion detector - Reliable detection with low false alarms, the system can distinguish between humans and common causes of false alarms such as moving trees, shadows and cars.
Wireless CCTV System Wireless CCTV System installed by ICS for BT Police
  • Our systems are fully networkable to allow remote access to the footage, this can be through conventional wired networks or over a range of wireless network options. Efficient and fast transmission technology, even over slow data links, provides complete surveillance capabilities.
  • Video Wall provide centralised review and management to improve efficiency and reduce personnel costs. Multiple network users can view live activity, search for events of interest or review recorded video without disruption to the recording.

With crime continually growing and with today’s economy slowing down CCTV is expected to grow by 23% between now and 2012. Soon it won’t be an option but a necessity. 

Britain has 20% of the worlds CCTV cameras
On average one camera for every fourteen people
CCTV actually dates way back to the 1950s

We also offer full maintenance contracts for CCTV systems, including any pre-installed equipment you may have. Contact us today for a free estimate.